Gyukatsu for our cuisine culture in Japan  - Gyukatsu Motomura

“Gyukatsu Motomura” finally opens its first store in Okinawa, near Naha’s International Street!


“Gyukatsu Motomura,” basking in the spotlight as the latest Japanese culinary trend, now brings its world-famous taste to Okinawa, creating memories for travelers. Since travel restrictions eased, each “Gyukatsu Motomura” store, popular among K-POP idols and global influencers, welcomes daily visitors. Marking its debut in Okinawa, where international tourists are on the rise, it promises a memorable beef cutlet experience.

Experience “Gyukatsu Motomura”
The popularity of “Gyukatsu Motomura,” spreading through social media and word-of-mouth, lies not just in its flavor but in the whole store experience.

Served is medium-fried beef cutlet, grilled on a stone slab right before you to your desired level, seasoned with rock salt and special mountain wasabi sauce.

The thin breading, made from finely ground, selected breadcrumbs, offers a refreshing taste. The tray, laden with condiments and side dishes, blossoms with Japanese hospitality and an entertainment spirit.

Gyukatsu Motomura Naha Kokusai Street Main Store
The first in Okinawa, “Gyukatsu Motomura Naha Kokusai Street Main Store,” is just off the intersection of Kokusai Street and Okiei Street. It combines the characteristic hospitality of “Gyukatsu Motomura” with an interior that reflects Okinawa’s ambiance.

Opens: September 23, 2023 (Saturday)
Store: Gyukatsu Motomura Naha Kokusai Street Main Store
Address: 2-1-2 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture