Gyukatsu for our cuisine culture in Japan  - Gyukatsu Motomura

A town where art and culture mix, “Wagyu Japanese beef” to be eaten in Roppngi!


Roppongi is Tokyo’s most multinational and energy-rich city. There are commercial facilities that represent Tokyo such as Roppongi Hills and Midtown, and it is known as a town where you can enjoy a wide range of shopping, gourmet and art. This time we will introduce how to enjoy the multicultural city Roppongi with plenty of enjoyment while a spokesperson from Gyukatsu Motomura actually walks!



The “ROPPONGI” intersection logo that is installed on the side of this capital expressway is what appears to be such as always when introducing Roppongi with a television etc. The design was Mr. Kaoru Kasai, an art director representing Japan. He is a top creator known for his long art direction at “Suntory Oolong Tea”, “United Arrows”, and the long-established Japanese sweet “Toraya”. When one of the intersections displays one of Japan’s highest peaks, expectations for the city of Roppongi increase.

Roppongi is most conveniently accessed from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Oedo Line Roppongi Station, but you can also take a bus from the terminal stations such as Shibuya, Shinbashi, Shinagawa, Gotanda. And you can always go to Roppongi “Hills” and Roppongi Hills are directly connected from the station by concourse, so you can access it regardless of the weather.


Roppongi is a city full of art



By the way, people who have visited the hills have once seen a huge spider sculpture “Maman”. It is the work of Mr. Louise Bourgeois, I think “Why a spider here?” In addition to this spider sculpture, there are a lot of public art and street furniture around Roppongi Hills. That number, more than 20! Please take a walk and enjoy the works that are part of the city.



Roppongi Hills offers a wide range of shopping from top brands to fast fashion. After visiting the hills, it is also recommended to look around Tokyo suburbs from the “Tokyo City View” observation deck on the 52nd floor of Mori Tower! On sunny days, the panoramic deck overlooks Mt. Fuji. A 20-minute walk from Roppongi also looks like Tokyo Tower. It is also nice to walk when you have time or physical strength. There are also bars and cafes inside the observation room, so it’s wonderful to relax and relax while enjoying the view.



If you want to go a step further and enjoy the scenery, why not go out to the “Sky Deck” on the rooftop? The “Sky Deck”, which boasts the highest height in Japan, is an open deck building observation deck, and it will be a special experience to experience the sky, the view below, and the wind. And above all, this view from the hills gives a romantic impression at night. You can enjoy various expressions depending on the time you visit.

Mori Art Museum is also on the 53rd floor of the same Mori Tower. Exhibitions of diverse genres such as fashion, architecture, design, photography and films are held around contemporary art. Even if you don’t usually go to the exhibition, it will be a good memory if you carry your feet along with the observation deck.


An oasis of large urban areas


The left is the Mori Garden located in Roppongi Hills, and the right is the Midtown Garden’s ”Spring of the Plateau” zone. A comfortable space where water and green harmonize is spread.


Roppongi is attractive in nature as well as art while in a large city. In Roppongi Hills, a Japanese-style garden “Mori Garden” is a walk-around Japanese garden with a pond in the center, and a garden with a lawn open in the midtown area just a short walk away. The midtown garden is divided into four zones on the theme of highlands, mountains, forests, and lawns, and when you walk in it, you will see the ”21_21 Design Site” ,an exhibition dedicated to design.



The characteristic building nestled in the green is by the hands of global architect Tadao Ando. The lush scenery and the quietness of the concrete buildings make it an oasis in the heart of the city.



Speaking of Tadao Ando, also known as a jury member of the New National Stadium Competition for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the “Suntory Museum of Art” designed by Kengo Kuma, who won the competition, is also known as Midtown It is on the third floor of In a space that combines Japanese tradition and modernity with a Japanese-inspired design that brings world-renowned design to the world, you can enjoy the display works unique to the “Suntory Museum of Art “that specializes in Japanese art. If you would like to get in touch with Japanese culture, history and art, why not visit once by all means.

In Midtown, you can also enjoy the live performances of world-class artists from a short distance, “Billboard Tokyo”. Since some seats can be seen as dreamlike, please check the performances carefully!



If you go a bit further towards Nogizaka, you will also find the National Art Center, Tokyo. You can enjoy the arched building by Kisho Kurokawa, an architect who has won the Gold Medal of the French Academy of Architecture, which is said to be the Nobel Prize of the architecture world, and a number of exhibitions that are always talked about.


There are lots of things that represent Japan! Let’s eat Japanese food culture, ” Gyukatsu”!



A few steps to this point, a lot of top class in Japan appeared, but it is Roppongi. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a city where things representing Japan gather.
Speaking of representing Japan … Yes! ” Gyukatsu” is also one of Japan’s leading food culture! ! !

“The Gyukatsu Motomura Roppongi restaurant” is located just a few minutes from midtown to the Roppongi intersection. It is located on the ground floor of the building, but there are signs along the street.



On the stairs, there are also menus for people waiting in the procession and guidance on how to eat. Go down the stairs, and when you see the sign of “Gyukatsu Motomura”, we will go a little further to the “Gyukatsu” you are looking for. As soon as you enter the restaurant, there is a counter where you will be taken to your seat after ordering and accounting. This style is also a device to smooth the sales at the time of congestion, and it is supported by customers from overseas as “intelligible.”



The recommended menu of the shop is “Wheat rice + Tororo + Mentaiko set” and you can choose 130g and 260g of “Gyukatsu”. You can do it without Tororo or Mentaiko, and you can also add Gyukatsu only. One cup of rice is free!



When you get a seat, the staff ignites the stone board on the table. If you’re a repeater, your appetite will be on fire at the same time. If you are able to come for the first time, you will always be glad to be surprised that you eat on the stone board and eat.

Secret ant of deliciousness to serve in no time



Sprinkled tea from the pot placed on the table and watched the stone board, “I’m waiting!” Yes, it’s fast. I wonder why you can serve so fast. The secret is in “60 seconds”. The medium rare Gyukatsu cut in heat for only 60 seconds at high temperature. The one that appears there is a stone board on which a stone board was fired earlier by the staff. Please take a close look at the cross section of the “Gyukatsu” on this stone board.

There are three kinds of delicious ways to eat “Gyukatsu”. wasabi soy sauce using soy sauce placed on a tray, a special yamawasabi sauce next to soy sauce, and then crushed rock salt on a table with a mill… There may be an opinion that “wasabi soy sauce and yamawasabi sauce are both wasabi.” It is also an aim to suggest this “delicious way of eating” to realize the difference. Even if you say “wasabi” in a nutshell, “wasabi soy sauce” is the one that you can enjoy the hotness, and “yamawasabi sauce” is that you get a refreshing scent of mountain wasabi.


The left is specially made mountain wasabi sauce, and the right soy sauce is wasabi sauce served with wasabi on a plate.


First of all, from “wasabi soy sauce”. Soak finely chopped bread crumbs evenly and thinly dipped in soy sauce and garnish with wasabi on a plate. ”Itadakimasu!”The fleshy feel spreads out from under the clothing of the touch. The soft Wagyu beef is unrolled in the mouth. After that, the wasabi’s intense hot taste spreads, and it continues to a good finish of the crisp.


At the beginning, though it was a piece of paper, the shift was changed to a technique that was filled with a lot of deliciousness. Full appetite!


Next is “Yamawasabi sauce”. As soon as you put it in your mouth, it will be wrapped in the smell of mountain wasabi and the mellowness of the sauce. From the sauce, a slight sour taste is also felt, and you can enjoy the three-dimensional taste by overlapping with the taste of Wagyu beef.



Next is rock salt. Gori gori and mill and put it in your mouth,Wagyu beef, Wagyu beef, Wagyu beef! If you want to enjoy the taste of Wagyu beef straight, it seems good to keep eating here



In the interval between beef and bonito, barley rice is also served with “Tororo” and “Mentaiko” of the set. This is a taste of Japan! A heap of shredded cabbage served on a plate also has a specially made ginger dressing and a fresh mouthfeel. Dressing may change depending on the season, so please go through and find out the difference.



In the meantime, I was able to flatten 130g of Gyukatsu . It’s easy to eat at 260g, because you can continue to eat with light clothing, juicy Wagyu beef, and three flavors.


Actually, it’s a rare place in Roppongi Wagyu Restaurant!

By the way, speaking of “Gyukatsu Motomura” may have the impression of a procession. In Roppongi, lunches by the day are from nearby office workers, and dinners by the evening come from many people from overseas. There are also people who come by bus from Shinbashi and Shibuya, saying “If you think about the time in the procession, it is faster to come to the Roppongi restaurant”. A little move may be good for no after-meal stomachache.



There are four table seats and 24 seats at the counter. It can not be said that it is not crowded, but after all the serve is fast, so your rotation is faster. This is especially recommended if you are in the middle of Roppongi’s walk, as it is easy to enter especially after opening at 11:00 or after 15:00 when the peak of lunch time has been exceeded. Please come and visit us!

As I introduced, Roppongi is rich in architecture and culture that represent Japan. Please try to experience Japan’s leading food culture “Gyukatsu” in a top class city!


Gyukatsu Motomura Roppongi


Business Hours
11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Last Order 10:00 p.m.)

4-11-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo French Building B1F